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Lena’s drive to run comes from a long family history rooted in the Bootheel. She is passionate about her area and believes that a surge of jobs is key to keeping the area intact. She believes that if we don’t protect rural communities then they will continue to dwindle away along with the small town values that come with them.


To learn more about Lena please visit her Facebook page at 

Meet the Local Candidates

Lena Samford

for State Representative - 150th 

Lena Samford has lived in Steele, MO for the entirety of her life. Ms. Samford graduated Cum Laude from the University of Missouri – Columbia (Mizzou) with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and an emphasis in Business Management.


Lena is passionate about public service, actively volunteering to help the homeless and those in poverty. She has put in countless hours volunteering at food pantries across the state and has been a participant in several trips dedicated to serving those in need.


Karen Vandiver

for Dunklin County Assessor 

Karen Vandiver is unoppossed in the race for Dunklin County Assessor.


"It has been my pleasure to serve as your Dunklin Count Assessor and I'm looking forward to my third term. Thank you for your encouragement and support."



- Karen Vandiver

Matt Jackson

for Dunklin County Administrator

The Dunklin County Public Administrator currently is Guardian and/or Conservator for almost 200 Dunklin County residents, most of whom live in nursing homes or residential care facilities.  These people depend on the Public Administrator to make decisions regarding their living and financial arrangements, medical treatment, and all other issues affecting their lives.  It is one of the most important, but least understood, offices in county government.  When Matt Jackson learned the previous administrator was about to resign, and the reasons why, he immediately understood it would take someone with experience in the types of cases handled by that office to overcome the serious problems which had developed.  As a 15 year attorney, Matt has the background and experience.  He stepped up and filed for election the next morning, on February 24, 2016.










The office cannot fully function without a Public Administrator in place.  After an extensive application and interview process by the Governor's office, Matt was appointed Dunklin County Public Administrator on April 1, 2016.  He was sworn in to office on April 7, and went to work that same day.

Matt hopes to continue to serve Dunklin County as your Public Administrator.  He will bring his integrity, experience, and compassion into this job every day.  Matt also pledges to always do his best to earn and keep your trust, to restore confidence in the office of Public Administrator, and to help and serve the people of Dunklin County.  Matt humbly requests your support and your vote on August 2 and November 8.

For more information on Matt Jackson, please visit his Facebook page at Facebook:

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